There are always people in your life that can have a profound effect on your own. My friend, a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy, is one of those people.

I have known him for over 30 years now, beginning with our childhood spent in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry. And in the years hence, through the evolution to the man he has become, my friends' exceptional character, honor and integrity has helped shape the man I have become.

That he found his way to serving his country in the United States Military - putting his life on the line to protect each of our families with other servicemen of the same repute, past and present - is befitting and comforting in a manner that not a day goes by I will ever forget.

Over and above character, my friend is exceedingly passionate in what he believes, although he will always take the time to understand your perspective. He is unselfish. He is curious. He is compassionate. He is trustworthy and loyal to a fault.

He is the friend that makes no noise when you need him, because he is already there. A few years ago, when I was enduring my own, sudden loss, he simply appeared, because that's what he has taught me one does, time and time again.

He is encouraging. When I started this new entrepreneurial chapter, he was amongst the first to embrace and evangelize, affording suggestions and advice. 

He is a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy. And he is my friend. The type that I will aspire to be for the rest of my life.

Happy Veterans Day. Every day.

Savor the people who protect our freedom.

Savor your friends. Savor your family. Savor your planet.