Learning through the passage of experiences and time is a priceless human condition I have come to infinitely respect as I grow older. For it is through this gradual, inevitable education that I am able to work at doing, being and connecting better during this impossibly brief life stay.

Helping you confidently recognize those very certain people in your life was a dream of mine for many years, then, only through time and experiences, a definitive plan in 2015 and, incredibly, a beautiful reality in 2016. With everything this amazing first year of SYPCOFFEE has brought, I look forward to a 2017 filled only with doing, being and connecting better. And I'll be measuring that progress with each and every fresh smile we may be fortunate enough to earn from you and your loved ones.

With gratitude and love, wishing you and yours a very happy and fulfilling 2017 filled with those experiences of which you may have once only dreamed.