Akin to a fine wine, friendship can be virtually impervious to time and, once produced, simply awaits your full enjoyment. True, it should always be cared for responsibly, but even if you find yourself not having necessarily touched it for years, it can offer surprising fulfillment well down the line, reminding you all over again how special that person really is.

I recently connected with an old, great friend. Over a decade had passed since we last saw one another, and while communication was sparse during that interval, we both remarked how inconsequential that really seemed. We just picked right back up where we left off.

And I enjoyed every minute.

It's cliche, I know...but life IS short. Enjoy every second. Value every friendship. And while you do your best to stay connected with those special people in your life, you need not fret the days or years that may pass in between. With friendship, it will be just as good as you remember it when the time does come.