Life happens as a series of moments. They can arrive as planned, expected even, waiting to be savored. A birthday. An anniversary. Retirement. Others can occur as complete surprises. A promotion. An engagement. An offer on a home.

Although we exist to help provide surprising moments of only the pleasant sort, I am aware that our packages may be spurred under the auspices of a different type. A tragic loss, a sudden disappointment, an extended period of bad luck. In other words, a surprise so unpleasant as to spur a loved one to memorialize their thoughts by sending a package that hopefully alleviates, in some manner, at least a bit of pain.

I am often reminded that surprises of all types, in fact, surround us daily. Behind that sullen countenance of your supermarket cashier or that gleeful demeanor of your coworker, there may very well be a moment that did not necessarily arrive as planned. One that they are processing, experiencing, enduring. Yesterday, a man whom had just relayed his startlingly creative ideation for a service I was contemplating, then revealed to me that he had suffered a very close family loss just the week prior and under incredibly surprising circumstances. 

Every moment, expected or not, provides an opportunity to reflect and appreciate. And strung together, those moments are what make up each of our beautifully precious lives.