Exactly 4 years ago this Father's Day weekend, Dad passed away from a tough illness. Although such a loss never ebbs, weekends like this help insulate the vacuum left with only comforting memories and enduring lessons. 

My Dad, the physician, scientist, author, and veteran that he was, with all of his pursuits - golf, skiing, ham radio operator, British Car aficionado, avid reader - held the uncanny ability to distill sometimes complex life scenarios into just a few simple truths:

'Attention to detail.'  


'To each their own.'  

'Whether you are rich or poor, it's nice to have money.'   

The most poignant of these truths, however, the one whose power has been revealed gradually as my years have elapsed, the one that now serves as my personal and professional compass, is just 3 simple words: 'Just have fun.'  

Dad would proffer these words in an array of scenarios. To hobbies, to girlfriends, to majors, to colleges, to jobs. As in: 'Why don't you choose the one that just sounds the most fun?' Or: If you aren't having any fun, make a change in your situation so that you are.' Or even: 'That doesn't sound fun. Do this.'

That simplicity epitomized the genius of my Dad, guiding so many of his own decisions which served him, his peers, his patients, his friends and our family so well over the years. And thus, as I can attest now through so many of my own decisions and circumstances, he was absolutely right. 

So for your next complex life scenario where there may be an array of options or decisions from which to choose, just go with the one that sounds the most fun.

My Dad and I guarantee that avenue will be best. 

Happy Father's Day weekend. Have fun!