Yes, it’s true.

Remember that old adage, ‘It’s the thought that counts’? 

We are the thought.

The intrinsic attention to detail that goes into making it easy for you to confidently, beautifully and personally recognize the people in your life that matter. 

The simple fact is that it could have been anything. We just happen to REALLY enjoy coffee.

But that’s just where the thought starts. It’s the default. The underlying code. The coffee must be remarkable or everything thereafter falls apart. 

We are under no illusions. There is an abundance of fantastic coffee from which we all can choose. Coffee that is farmed, sourced, roasted and served ethically, responsibly, resourcefully and remarkably. Here in the Nashville, TN area, there is a veritable coffee renaissance occurring that has small and large purveyors creating coffee in spaces that can all take your breath away. 

And that’s just it. While we are inspired by all of them, everything we do is engineered to take your recipients breath away. 

We recognize that the people in our lives - the people in your lives - are all that matter. And as such, they deserve thoughts powerfully illustrating the love, respect and appreciation you hold for them. 

From package, to handwritten card, to cup. 

Visit us for your next thought at or GIFT.COFFEE