I heard this theme through several volunteered personal stories at a recent SYPCOFFEE tasting here in Nashville, TN. Stories reflecting a clear realization for those things that really matter in our lives, and the subsequent pursuit of some type of life pivot...

For a passion only dreamed about.

For a new career.

For a new city.

Or a new relationship.

And these stories were usually marked by the casting off of artifacts collected over time, only to be perceived as holding significantly less meaning in the face of new, fresh circumstances. Tangible artifacts like houses, cars and other belongings certainly, but also the less tangible, albeit no less heavy.

Like regrets. Resentments. Mistakes. Conflicts.

These types of stories resonate with me. As we move through this life, it's abundantly easy to collect and store vestiges of the unimportant. I see evidence of this daily on street curbs and through faces. And of course, I'm guilty of collecting myself. However, I am working harder to simplify over time, with the acute understanding that doing so is liberating and allows only more room for the things, moments and people that matter.