Do you ever catch yourself staring at the people in ancient drawings or old paintings or even vintage photos and contemplate what their time was like? How they lived? Loved? Thought? Contributed? Imagined? If you were actually able to connect, how awestruck they might be upon learning of our time, here and now...and vice versa?

For me, these musings serve as concerted reminders that time is the ultimate equalizer. Our lives are knowingly finite, yet completely unknown in length. There is nothing more precious. Time itself is the gift. The cover beneath which we all live, love and give. And every single moment literally counts. 

Realizing this...that time is this fleeting, priceless entity, for me, is the enabler. To dream. To do. To reflect. To improve. To contribute. To love.


An old friend recently texted a few hilarious snapshots of ourselves from childhood. I caught myself staring again, just like I sometimes do with the strangers in those old images. 

And being awestruck.

Make every moment matter.