Today was awful. Last nights' events create a vacuum of understanding. Understanding how humanity is capable of rendering such pain and suffering on so many, so quickly, so senselessly and so deeply. And understanding how this life can be so beautiful, bright and promising, while offering up instances so horribly tragic, dark and downright evil. They say good always prevails, but the jarring, traumatic impact from inexplicable human acts such as these is always there.

This company - really just a conduit to help recognize those special people in each of our lives - arose out of our own personal loss that provided a different, but similar vacuum. Which powerfully reminded us at the time - just like now - that life is short and loss is inevitable.

I may know very little, but am utterly convinced that living with purpose, with gratitude and with love is the only way while we grace this precious life. 

Savor. Your. Planet.