This week I had the incredible opportunity to sit on a panel fielding questions from a group of impressive Vanderbilt students and faculty interested in pursuing their own entrepreneurial endeavors. All of the questions really were fantastic, with many feeling quite familiar from my own journey over the past couple of years transitioning from a corporate career working for my dream company to starting and building my own dream company in SYPCOFFEE.

One of the questions I very much enjoyed answering was a simple one: 'What is my goal?'

My goal.

Honed through experiences, successes, failures and perspective, my goal is as simple as the question: to live a fulfilled life. This is my underlying current. To be a better person. More present. More balanced. More grateful. More giving. More aware that life is exceptionally fragile and that while we are all living in this brief window of time, we have the opportunity to make it count. These tenets empower my personal and professional life and they are genuinely upon which SYPCOFFEE is built. They explain why we are not just a coffee company. While exceptional coffee and spices, beautiful packaging, remarkable personalization and service are guaranteed components, they are just that. They are byproducts of the core impetus, that SYPCOFFEE exists to help you recognize those special people in your life. To earn your trust in helping create that single moment between people that could change trajectories - via a quick smile, within a day or even over time, reinforcing a beautiful life. Everything we are and strive to improve upon - product, service, behavior, communications - is genuinely designed to earn your trust in fulfilling that existence.

Because back to the question, that is the goal. Fulfillment. Which is driven in part by earning the opportunity to help remind you and those special people around you to do the same. Ultimately, to savor this brief of window of time. Our planet.

Savor. Your. Planet.

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