Yes, it's true. Our gaffe in last week's email correspondence where we accidentally misspelled our latest origin selection was, with sincere apologies, our mistake. 100%. 

Which got us to thinking about the role mistakes play in our lives, especially through what seems a plethora of very public blunders from both the corporate and political spheres over the past week.

What do mistakes mean? What do they do? What can they teach us about who we are and how we go about our lives?

We learn at an early age (even if we don't yet accept) that mistakes are inevitable. Remember when our parents warned us about the dangers of a hot stove or speeding even, but we still managed to put ourselves in a position to learn about those dangers on our own? 

As much as I work hard to avoid mistakes and certainly dislike it when I do make them, I realize they are a part of the journey. And for that, rather than linger and lament, I respect each one, apologize, forgive and move on, applying all that they teach to the next adventure.

Mistakes' inevitability simply portend our human condition. That we can never be perfect. That if we were, perhaps we would not be able to fully appreciate the imperfect nature of life itself.  That needs and wants and desires and perspectives and understandings and decisions, even emotions themselves, are honed from a great many experiences, including those perpetuated by mistakes.

So for all the mistakes each of us may have made last week, this week and forevermore, respect, learn and press on.  


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