At our pop-up this past Friday evening at Savory Spice Shop, I met a beautiful couple who explained that they had been married for over 35 years. And then, as we all took that in, a woman standing next to them said she had them beat at over 36! Three decades! My late parents were actually married for 48+ years before my father passed and I've known my stunning wife since I was just 9 years I've come to respect that love for another human being can be the most powerful force on the planet. However, I've also come to recognize that without reinforcements - like trust and respect, empathy and unselfishness, character and patience - that all-powerful force can still devolve into dissolution and pain. Which is why such enduring relationships are so fascinating. Those that last decades long through all that this life can throw, enabling us to commit to other human beings, illuminates the beautiful gift of love for each of us. To be. And to give. Savor yours.