The first Lotus I ever drove was my late father's '84 Esprit. I was in high school in Charleston, SC and it was the only time he ever let me drive the car. British cars were another one of my father's lifelong passions (while owning a certain '63 Austin-Healey 3000 he experienced, as he always put it, his life's biggest joy - meeting my mother - and loss - having to sell it to pay for medical school), so it always made sense how the Lotus ended up in our garage. And boy, did he love that car. As a tongue-in-cheek antidote to the presumed mid-life crisis, he even had the license plate personalized to read, 'IMFIFTY.' And perhaps because of that very apparent love and pride, I distinctly recall having to build up the courage to ask my father a question I'd thought about often, but never verbalized: whether I could take the Lotus to Senior Prom. I remember coming down the stairs from my room to ask, my father working at his desk and me posing the question, not really expecting an easy answer. Still surprised how easy the affirmative came - words were few, expectations delivered by their absence - but I could take the car. I remember the anticipation winding out over weeks prior to that big night, my father not being in the driveway when I backed the car out, picking up my date at her home, her parents, the pictures, the air conditioner not working in the warm South Carolina dusk, the sound, oh that glorious engine note running the Lotus up the old Cooper River Bridge into downtown Charleston, into more permanently etched memories.

Above all though, what I gained that night and will never lose, is a certain gratitude for trust, love...and all things automotive. Which is why we are so very honored to announce that at Carlock Motorcars - Nashville, TN's Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce and now Lotus! Luxury Dealer - the complimentary coffee in their client lounge available for all is now SYPCOFFEE. As you meet their tremendous team and peruse these incredible, storied marques, each capable of perpetuating their own permanent memories, you can now expect an equally beautiful cup of SYPCOFFEE to enjoy.