We know this. And will never forget it. But that's just the point. Great, responsibly sourced, meticulously roasted coffee is the default. The standard. Which is why we will always be more than just exceptional gift coffee.

SYPCOFFEE exists to help you confidently recognize those special people in your life that matter.

In our case, with always single-origin, small-lot arabica beans introduced to you quarterly from remarkable, family-owned farms located around the world. 

We fresh roast those beans to a unique SYPCOFFFEE flavor profile and then place extraordinary care in every aspect of your package's design, down to the uniquely paired sugars and spices and brushed birch and pine wood gift boxes milled right here in the US.

We incorporate unique personalization allowances, such as always handwritten transcription of personal messages. Because 'machined' and 'mass production' have little place within any gift for a loved one.

And then we keep working until we can be assured you and your recipient are surprised, pleased and fulfilled.

Life is a beautiful thing. And we strongly believe so is our coffee, as well as every exceptional detail thereafter.

Savor your friends.

Savor your family.

Savor your planet.