SYPCOFFEE was precipitated by personal loss. The type of loss that suddenly magnifies life lessons that are always there for the taking, if only you pause long enough to take the time. 

For me, that sudden lesson was that life is actually short. Up until that timeframe, I had been working for an amazing company within another passion space - cars - and had always dreamed about a coffee company.

And had treated it as just that. A dream. Because what did I really know about coffee? About starting a business? About having the confidence to leap into the unknown? Lessons though, especially ones that jolt, lead to epiphanies which, in this case, pointed the way to doing something at least once in life that was truly terrifying. This meant leaping into the unknown and working hard to build a company from scratch. A company built around coffee of course, and whose mission is to earn your trust in confidently gifting those special people in your life.

Because life is short. 

Although painful, I am grateful for the loss. The lesson. And the entrepreneurial path it set me on. Through so many subsequent introductions to amazing people and so many more lessons about coffee and business and life, the most important lesson gained is perhaps to always keep pausing and taking the time. 

Where ever you might find yourself, I encourage you to do the same. You may be surprised where such a realization may take you.