SYPCOFFEE was borne out of personal loss and the sudden, very clear realization that life is precious and short and that as such, we all deserve to savor every single moment. While the passing of deeply loved ones led to our mission of helping you confidently recognize those very special people in your life, gratitude will always be the underlying current. And we were full of it throughout 2018. Gratitude in those staggeringly beautiful moments this year, as well the utterly difficult circumstances. Gratitude in both the successes and the mistakes. Gratitude in every single conversation, opportunity, cup and gift delivered. Gratitude in all of those believers, supporters, clients, partners, friends and family. And certainly gratitude in this one. SYPCOFFEE and I would simply not be, without her.

On the eve of yet another year in the story of our lives, with excitement and gratitude for what's to come, wishing each of you all of the happiness, joy and success you deserve. Savor every moment. Savor your friends. Family. Planet.