Today marks the 3rd anniversary of our startup gift coffee concept…

In January 2016 we went live, online only, with a single, fresh roasted, artfully packaged and personalized gift designed to be a stunning alternative to sending flowers or wine. And this is where we thought we might stay. But genuine love for what you are doing and resolute focus on the why (in our case, earning your trust in helping you confidently recognize those very special people in your life), receptivity to every bit of feedback, and most importantly, support and enthusiasm from countless supporters, clients, partners, friends and family, has all led to some truly beautiful, albeit unexpected places. From online only to now custom and corporate gifting, wholesale, events, our first SYPCOFFEE Gift Delivery Vehicle and the opening of our very first SYPCOFFEE Gift Boutique inside @RollsRoyceNashville, it's no wonder 3 years seem to have elapsed in a blink.

Which reinforces the realization, borne from personal loss and triggering it all, that life is truly very short. And that a moment is all it really takes to bring a fresh smile, make a gorgeous day or reinforce a beautiful life. With gratitude, appreciation and sincere excitement, we can't wait to continue helping you savor yours in many, many new ways, for years to come. Cheers to anniversaries.