I'm Craig and I started SYPCOFFEE in 2016 after losing my mom to pancreatic cancer 2 weeks after she was diagnosed. We all stand to gain perspective with such events in our lives and mine centered around a sudden and very clear realization that life is truly short. Having thought about our concept for years, the loss of my mom provided the nudge for me to leave my corporate career and pursue SYPCOFFEE with everything I had.

We exist to help you recognize those special people in your life. It could really have been via any product or service, but I happen to love coffee. And stunning packaging. And great service. And through it all, being able to afford you and your loved ones the most remarkable experience possible. Which could happen by relaying an interesting facet about the farm from which we sourced, to experimenting with our uniquely paired sugars, to the remarkable look, feel and quality of our gifts, to simply sharing a cup with you at our first SYPCOFFEE Gift Boutique @ Rolls-Royce Nashville.

We are listening, learning and working hard every day to ensure a beautiful, memorable experience and not a single moment goes by that we are not infinitely thankful for your support, belief, encouragement and, of course, enjoyment.

Savor. Your. Planet.


- Craig