Planet is in our name and iconography. It's because we exist to help you confidently recognize and gift those special people in our lives.

SYP, an acronym for Savor. Your. Planet. is analagous to everything in our lives in which we place distinct value. This includes relationships with our neighbors, peers, friends, family and of course, our planet Earth. To genuinely uphold this mission, it will always be our responsibility to place focus on every discernible detail.

Sourcing coffees from small, family farms that have outsize impacts on their communities, complementing those cups with more products produced by creative artisans in our local communities and even designing packaging that can be reused and remembered for years, including our signature and growing line of birch and pine wood gift boxes handcrafted right here in the US.

Our planet, just like life itself, is precious and fragile and we promise to always do our part.

For us.

For you.

And for our shared planet.

Savor. Yours.