Coffee brings so many fascinating people into our orbit and the past several days have been no exception. 2 people voluntarily shared their stories of almost unbelievable tragedy - a personal mistake that caused another human being severe and irreversible damage and a fluke accident that caused immense bodily harm with years of rehabilitation and whose effects were very evidently being felt today. The experiences, while demonstrably unique, shared similarities in outcomes: fresh perspective and renewed gratitude for what each had...and needed to contribute to this precious life. With a revised belief system, both had altered their courses, and leveraging renewed purpose and focus, were doing it.

Conversations like these, really just spurred by simple cups of coffee, serve as constant, beautiful reminders that each of us is fundamentally the same. We all are afforded the gift of living each moment on this planet and while here, our experiences may range from the outright terrible and traumatic through the beautiful and magical. And that what we choose to take, internalize and do with each is just that - our choice. And a gift. Savor every moment. Savor. Your. Planet.