Each moment can be good reason for reflection and our days are often full of them.

This image is from one of our earliest product shoots. Looking back to when we started with that singular mission of helping you confidently recognize those special people in your life, we offered a single gift, available online only.

Certainly, its easy to begin listing all of the things we’ve learned since: The bags themselves, too thin and difficult to open, with coffee grinds often leaking out of the degassing valve. The accompanying sugars and spices - a big hit - but with certain blends prone to clumping in transit. The twine - a nice accompaniment when placed like this, but in a mailed package, usually arriving a bit disheveled. So like life itself, each day, experience, purchase and bit of feedback is always an opportunity to learn, providing fuel for the next adjustment, improvement and pivot.

Today, we offer personal gifts, corporate and custom gift design, SYPCOFFEE for the home, office supply, wholesale, event services and even have our first, proof of concept, brick and mortar SYPCOFFEE Gift Boutique, inside, of all places, @rollsroycenashville 

And were it not for those everyday moments and learnings coupled with always being friends with change, certain we would not still be here. So, taken with a grain of our uniquely paired sugars - our advice in life, business and entreprenuership is to always listen, remain flexible and enthusiastically willing to evolve.

And that bag? Through many subsequent iterations, we are very pleased to be bringing you our all new, custom SYPCOFFEE Bag, packed full of our learnings to-date. Stay tuned! Cheers