Dad passed away in 2012 after a difficult illness. He was an amazing father. Loving, complicated, tough...and amazing. He was also a brilliant physician, scientist, inventor, author and teacher. An avid golfer, skier, world traveler, lover of British cars and reader.

And boy, did he love his coffee. I remember as a kid, trips to the grocery store solely to stock up on tins of Chock full o'Nuts for his lab. I think of those cups often now, especially with the chain of life events precipitated by his passing fueling a massive change in perspective. On career. Family. Life.

The entrepreneurial path that is SYPCOFFEE was literally borne from this and I do wonder, virtually every day, roast, gift and cup, how he might think it all measured up.

Dad engrained a great many things, but his absolute greatest lesson was that Dads. Are. Everything. So Cheers and Happy Father's Day to every one of you out there.

May your cup always be chock full.