Recently, we were asked how personal loss really affected our business model.

In our case, losing close family members and the sudden, clear realization that life is short, directly precipitated a decision to do something that was scary - leaving an enjoyable corporate career for the world of entrepreneurship because and asking repeatably, what's the worst that could really happen?

While loving coffee as a consumer, we knew that as a company, SYPCOFFEE must be guided by an underlying and very real mission that superseded the product. And our experiences simply helped give proof to this mission.

By default, the coffee itself - each month, new, roasted on demand selections of single-origin specialty beans - must be of high quality, interesting and delicious. The differentiator though, our mission, is to help you confidently recognize those special people in your life that matter.

The first thing we wrote before starting anything - which we call the SYPCOFFEE Manifesto written inside every gift - ends with the acknowledgement that a single moment is all it takes to bring a fresh smile, make a gorgeous day or reinforce a beautiful life. And those moments you give to others really could be precipitated by any product or service - we just happen to LOVE helping you do this with coffee.

Savor every moment. Savor your friends. Savor your family.

Savor. Your. Planet.